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Free Downloads

For Candidates:

Talent Inventory Worksheet: Use this worksheet to create an organized list / inventory of your talents from paid-for work and volunteer experiences, so you are totally prepared to describe any dimension of your talents.

This is one of the downloads from the Interview Mastery For Candidates program.

For Recruiters:

Four Tools Of Influence (video): Use this video to help your candidates decide on a job offer and to think through the impact of their career choices. This is one part of the free video series you "Interview Mastery for Recruiters & Their Candidates".

For Employers:

Position Profile Worksheet: Use this blank worksheet to create your first position profile.  Here are 3 sample profiles: Software EngineeringExecutive Assistant, and a Project Manager

Position Profiling is the foundation of the "Selecting Excellence" hiring method that increases the speed and quality of hiring your best team ever, and minimizes bad-hire and legal risks.