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Make 2 to 4 More Placements

  • Use actionable secrets so you place 2 more candidates per year and save 10 hrs per month

  • Generate more income with no change to your workflow

  • Make recruiting more productive and lucrative


Jonathan D.
Recruiting Director
Perfect Fit Placement

Interview Mastery is priceless.  All our recruiters use it to interview prep every candidate. Interview Mastery has helped us become one of the 3 top recruiting firms across a global network of 460 firms"


Hire Better People 47% Faster

  • Implement a world-class interview process and training company-wide with a few clicks

  • Optimize hiring workflows

  • Align your people, processes, and systems


John H.
SVP Product Develop.
Large Telecom Co.

"Selecting Excellence" enabled us to hire 100 product development engineers 47% faster, and develop a new product 6 months ahead of schedule that led to releasing our latest product ahead of our competition."


Confidently Win New Job Sooner

  • Feel more confident and win a great job faster

  • Increase your income and raise your quality of life.

  • Know what's doing to happen before it occurs

  • Easily handle the most stressful questions and issues

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Tricia W.
Project Manager
Large Telecom Co.

I got the job!"Interview Mastery" was a tremendous help. It gave me the confidence to handle each interview. I thought I did not need a program like this, but after several lost opportunities I tried Interview Mastery. The program works beautifully and delivers the results as promised. 

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Every job interview profoundly affects the income, job performance, and career of everyone involved.


Recruiters, job seekers, and employers are affected by the interview skill of each person in the hiring sequence. For most people hiring is financially risky, costly, uncertain, exhausting.


I've solved these challenges in every company where I've worked, started, or consulted. Companies include Fidelity, Hewlett Packard, IDG, ThermoFisher, and many small firms.

I feel a deep responsibility to help improve the lives of others.​ I’ve worked on all sides of the recruiting industry for 20 years and I’m a TEDx Talk speaker. 

Let's transform your hiring into a prosperous, joyful, and productive experience. Let's talk!

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