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Customers in 75 countries have used our solutions to enhance their careers and their organizations.

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  • Used by 56,000 customers in 75 countries





Every job interview profoundly affects the income, job performance, and career of everyone involved.


Recruiters, job seekers, and employers are affected by the interview skill of each person in the hiring sequence. For most people hiring is financially risky, costly, uncertain, exhausting.


I've solved these challenges in every company where I've worked, started, or consulted. Companies include Fidelity, Hewlett Packard, IDG, ThermoFisher, and many small firms.

I feel a deep responsibility to help improve the lives of others.​ I’ve worked on all sides of the recruiting industry for 20 years and I’m a TEDx Talk speaker. 

Let's transform your hiring into a prosperous, joyful, and productive experience. Let's talk!


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